Post Nasal Drip

For people who have been troubled with post nasal drip and sinus problems for years, there are other techniques that can accelerate the recovery process from chronic sinusitis.

Eat Less Sugar

Yeast feeds on sugar. The sugar in our diet feeds yeast in the gut, which generates acetaldehyde and other toxic by-products of yeast metabolism. The level of sugar (glucose) in our bloodstream is reflected in our mucus and our sweat, hence the patented device for diabetics to monitor blood sugar– the GlucoWatch. The average American consumes 140 pounds of refined sugar per year. Sugar is more of a drug than a food. Cut your intake to 30 pounds of sugar per year. Eat foods that help to maintain a lower blood glucose level. Start tasting the food instead of coating all food flavors with sugar. Use conservative amounts of stevia and xylitol as substitute sweeteners.


The primary purpose of sugar in the bloodstream is to provide fuel for the muscles. When we sit around all day, we allow the unnatural buildup of sugar in the bloodstream, which then begins to fuel yeast overgrowth along with channeling prostaglandins toward the unhealthy inflammatory PGE-2.

Causes of sinus infections

Lower your stress levels

Learn to meditate. Regular exercise helps to defuse stress. Avoid unnecessary exposure to stress. Do something each day that you like, such as music, art, laughter, playing with your pet.

Mental stress can lead to excessive production of catecholamines, which cause inflammation and immune suppression, including in the sinus region.

Take fish oil

The cheapest and most practical approach to taking this vital nutrient is to take one tablespoon of emulsified and flavored cod liver oil (available at your grocery store or health food store) with a meal.

If you cannot tolerate the flavor of fish oil, then take 2 capsules of fish oil with each meal.

Sinus Cleanser

Create a “sanctuary” for your sinuses

If you live in a hot and humid climate, then get a HEPA air filter for your bedroom. Simply living in that low mold environment for 8 hours each night can drain off the excess mold in your sinuses and help the body to get your immune system below the constant “red alert” level.


Most fungal infections are more likely to occur in people with “compromised host defense mechanisms”, meaning the body is not functioning well. Toxins from our air, food, and water supply can add up to create a malfunctioning immune system which then allows fungi in the sinuses to get a firm foothold. Avoid voluntary toxins, such as smoking, excess alcohol, recreational drugs, and spraying your home with pesticides and herbicides.

Some people find major relief from post nasal drip, sinus congestion and fungal infections by eliminating mercury amalgams (silver fillings) in their mouth. Mercury amalgams are so toxic that they are banned in Sweden and Germany. In the U.S., mercury arrives at the dentist’s office in a special hazardous waste container. Once in the mouth, half of the mercury from the filling is emitted into the person’s body within the first 5 years. For centuries, humans have known of the toxic effect of mercury on the immune and nervous systems, including the “mad hatter” syndrome described by Lewis Carroll in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Once your mercury amalgams have been replaced with safer material by a qualified dentist, you may find it necessary to have your health care professional eliminate the remaining mercury in your body.

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