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Step 1:

sinus cleanserSinus_2

Close this flap

For best results, you need to be able to close off the flap at the back of the throat (soft palate) that allows you to form a reservoir of Sinus Cleanser solution in the sinus region. If you have ever swam under water, then you had to automatically close this soft palate flap in order to prevent having the water go into your lungs. If you smoke cigarettes, then many smokers automatically close this soft palate flap in order to suck the smoke from the cigarette into the lungs. If you cut onions in the kitchen, then you may have unconsciously closed this flap at the back of your throat which then keeps too much onion fumes from making your eyes tear up. Try breathing through your mouth while consciously closing this soft palate flap at the back of the throat. This very simple step can make all the difference in your success with the Sinus Cleanser product.

Step 2:

sinus cleanser instructions 2 Sinus Cleanser B 
Lie down on a bed or the floor, preferably near a sink. Close off the soft palate at the back of the throat.

Step 3:

sinus cleanser instructions 3 Sinus Cleanser c
Hold the Sinus Cleanser bottle in your nostril. Squeeze the Sinus Cleanser bottle gently to allow the sinus passages to fill up partly with Sinus Cleanser solution. Switch the bottle to the other nostril and fill up this other side of the sinus passage. If the solution runs down your throat, then you are not doing it right. If closing this soft palate flap is a problem, then skip this step and move on to frame 5 of these instructions. How much solution you squeeze into the sinuses is very dependent on the opening in your sinus passages. If you have lots of mucus, debris, dirt, or swollen tissue; then you will only be able to get a teaspoon or so into your sinuses. If your sinuses are reasonably clear of mucus, debris and less swollen; then you should be able to get a tablespoon or more into the sinuses. Do the best you can. Any effort is better than no effort at all.

Step 4:

sinus cleanser instructions 4 Sinus_D
Put your fingers in your two nostrils and count to 60 while breathing through your mouth. You are now allowing the Sinus Cleanser solution to gently wash away debris built up in the back of the sinus region. If this is a problem, then skip this step and move to frame 5.

Step 5:

sinus cleanser instructions 5 Sinus_E
Keeping your fingers in your nostrils, get up from your lying position and bend your head over the sink. Count to 60 again while breathing through the mouth. You are now allowing the Sinus Cleanser solution to gently wash away debris built up in the front of the sinus region.

Step 6:

sinus cleanser instructions 6
Gently blow your nose and expel all fluid and mucus from your sinuses. Wipe your nose with a tissue. You may consider this a good time to take a shower, since there will be some fluid leakage from your nose for the next few minutes.


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