Sinus Cleanser

Sinus Cleanser



Sinus Cleanser is a homeopathic solution which acts similar to nasal spray and will allow you to breathe freely by washing the sinuses clean of debris, mold, dust, pollution, pollen, and other irritants.


Sinus Problems


Over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sinus problems. Common prescription and over-the-counter drugs to address this problem include Claritin, Flonase, Sudafed, and many others. Drugs try to slow down the flow of mucus (anti-secretory), kill the bacteria (antibiotics), or shut down the swelling (anti-inflammatory). While each strategy gives some people temporary relief, none of these drug approaches deals with the underlying problem. The real problem is usually a fungal infection. Any Sinus Cleanser solution that you can get into your sinus region may help to cleanse the sinuses and bring about freer breathing. However, if you use the product according to this “best of all techniques”, you may find even better results. Do the best that you can.